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Even though it feels like summer is going by too fast (and let’s be honest, we got robbed of 2020 before it really even started), it’s officially time to look at the up and coming hair trends for this fall. We’ve got everything from baby braids to neon colors, so stay tuned!

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First things first, and an all time favorite trend of ours, neon colored hair. (I mean, just check out that glow!)

Pink, yellow, green, orange – literally any neon color you can think. Although this isn’t a new trend by any means, it’s definitely one that just never loses.

Another style that we are starting to see pop up all over is baby braids. It personally gives me cute cottage core vibes, which is always a plus in my book (mind you, this trend is not an excuse to culturally appropriate cultures you are not a part of, but you already knew that ;p). It’s an easy and quick way to jazz up a simple style, especially for those early mornings when you don’t function properly, like me right now. 

Back in 2019 we all saw the massive amounts of colorful and bedazzled clips and other big, in your face hair accessories; meanwhile here in the apocalypse – sorry, I mean 2020, it’s all about minimalism and simplicity (is that ironic?). A fun way to keep it classy and chic while also dressing it up. 


…I honestly probably won’t ever get over baby bangs, but that’s for another time.



What are some of your favorite trends this summer?

Let us know!

We do free 15 minute consultations for big changes, but many of our staff also provide styling lessons by the hour and half hour, to work with your budget and your hair needs! next time you come in!


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