Meet Kaitlyn Huseth, our vibrant and talented new addition to The Fox Den Salon team. With a zest for life and a passion for hair, Kait is here to bring a fresh perspective to your beauty journey.

Kait Huseth, a self-proclaimed Hair ✨artist✨, specializes in creating stunning “Lived-in Color” and seamlessly blending those pesky greys. Her expertise extends to crafting Textured Pixie cuts and trendy Shag/Shullet styles that will leave you feeling fabulous and confident.

Kait’s journey in the world of cosmetology began at Nova Academy of Cosmetology in Mankato, Minnesota, where she honed her skills and discovered her true calling. Her dedication to this craft is unparalleled, as she’s been perfecting her artistry for almost four years.

Kait’s passion for hair transcends her professional life; it’s a lifelong fascination that began with foiling her Barbie dolls’ hair. Even during her days at Mankato State University, her love for hair could not be ignored, as she started styling hair for friends right in her dorm room.

What truly sets Kait apart is her genuine commitment to making people smile. Her goal is simple: to leave each client happy and satisfied. She believes that a great salon experience isn’t just about the end result; it’s about the laughter and connection shared during the process.

In Kait’s own words, “If a client leaves my chair without having laughed, it wasn’t a good service in my head.” In a world that can sometimes feel dark, Kait is here to support and uplift our clients, one fabulous hairstyle at a time.

Join us in welcoming Kait Huseth to The Fox Den Salon family, and let her passion and artistry transform your hair into a work of art!



$54 adults
$12 head shaves
$17 re-fades



inclusive color services for

min|mid|max areas


97+ | 137+ | 179+  one step color

179+ | 261+ | 342+  two step color

206+ | 301+ | 397+  blonding, simple vivids, hand painted color

206/hr+ session coloring services

(complementary consultations available)


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FOX DEN SALON: LAKE STREET |  1221 W Lake, Minneapolis, MN 55408


$37 adults
$19 children
$10 head shaves


$32+ blowout
$42+ casual style (no pins)


DM her @hopedoesyourhair to be a hair color model at a discounted rate! 2+ 10-packof foils

$77+ partial foil
$97+ foil
$67+ all over or retouch
$125+ balayage or ombre a
$155+ lightener and color or tone Corrective color starting at $80/hr+ available by consultation


$45 moisturizing treatment​
$25 with service

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