Our Joey has loved hair from a very young age. It started with braiding Barbie’s hair in daycare to watching his mom do her hair everyday. He started coloring his own hair at 12, and it’s been all the colors of the rainbow:rainbow:.

He quickly moved on to doing his family and friends’ hair. Since hair color is what grabbed his short attention span he likes to focus on color. Joey wants to bring out peoples inner beauty and make them feel their best!

An Aveda full ride scholarship winner, and NAHA Finalist, he is a stylist with us here at Fox Den and is looking forward to serving the community with his creativity and passion!


$39 adults
$12 head shaves


$45 conditioning treatment​
$25 with service


$34+ blowout


$57 ten pack of highlights
$112+ all over highlights
$182+ lightener and fantasy color

$92+ partial highlight
$82+ all over color or retouch
$167+ balayage or ombre
$182+ lightener and tone 
Corrective color starting at $95/hr+ available by consultation)