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Hot Summer Trends

Even though it feels like summer is going by too fast (and let’s be honest, we got robbed of 2020 before it really even started), it’s officially time to look at the up and coming hair trends for this fall. We’ve got everything from baby braids to neon colors, so stay tuned!

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Hey! We’re Building a Brand

We’re one of 4 finalists in “Hey! We’re Building a Brand!”, a program helping rebuild the Twin Cities through small business. Host Cory Hepola teams up with Business Experts to discover, analyze, and encourage entrepreneurs in need of help, culminating with a winner earning a cash prize and a marketing mentorship.

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Fox Den Cheat Sheets!

We have created ‘Cheat Sheets’ for you to feel educated at home with what to wash and style with. You’ll find information like when to wash for best color maintenance, ingredients to avoid, and best heat styling temperatures for your hair. The cheat sheets also have a space for stylists recommendations, and notes about your next appointment!

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Shop Our Merch!

Have you been wanting Fox Den Salon swag for awhile now? There’s no better time than now to head over to the Fox Den Salons Artist’s Shop and browse all four of our collections! We have $15 tees for a limited time starting now!

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Black Garnet Books

Minneapolis is filled with book stores all throughout the state that are locally owned and operated, but now there’s a new store on it’s way!

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Lynhall Names Steph Hedrick Next Executive Chef

For those of you who know us, you know lifting our community is important to us. We want to celebrate someone who supports us and who we support right back! Our friend and long time client Steph Hedrick, Congratulations! -Fox Den Salon...

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