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Making the Cut: Jatai and Kasho






It goes without saying that the hands are a stylist’s best tool. But what about the sidekicks – scissors and razors? Indispensable to any hairdresser’s arsenal. Scissors and razors act as an extension of their hands. And when it comes to making the cut, not all shears are created equal.

Source: Courtesy of Jatai and Kasho

Jatai and Kasho are two exceptional, AAPI-founded leaders in the space with cutting-edge technology, superior craftsmanship, and innovation guiding the creation of every scissor, razor, and blade. Here’s a little bit of their backstory and how these respected and long-established brands wield the power, artistry, and craft of hairdressing.

Source: Courtesy of Jatai

The Jatai Difference

Jatai’s mission is to provide innovative, world-class, professional-quality implements that deliver superior performance and value to the end-user. Jatai introduced the Feather Switch-Blade Shear to the world, which was the first replaceable blade haircutting shears without the use of tools, as well as the Feather Styling Razor and Blades, the world’s first non-folding hair cutting razor with guarded blades. Today, it’s the number one styling razor in the world. At the time, razors weren’t as popular and few salons used them. However, with the advent of this unique razor, and the education that went with it, changed hair styling forever by expanding a stylist’s creative universe in offering capabilities that shears could not.

Source: Courtesy of Jatai

The Jatai Backstory

“Our founder, Fred Wada, was an important figure in the Japanese-American community in Southern California.  After World War II, the Japanese-Americans returning to Southern California came back to nothing as most personal items were sold or left behind, and businesses and properties given away or taken by the government,” says Dean. Faced with prejudice from the people and government, it was not easy to come back and rebuild their lives. 

Fred Wada started a production company and slowly became a community leader over time. He desired to help Japan recover from the war and established Jatai International in an effort to build a bridge between Japan and America.  “As the current President and CEO of Jatai International, I take great pride in honoring and in carrying on his legacy,” says Dean. “His contribution to open Japan to the business world via the 1964 Summer Tokyo Olympics and to give the Japanese-American community a place of belonging is truly inspiring.”

Source: Courtesy of Jatai

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