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What is your salon doing to keep me safe during COVID-19, and is it really ok to get my hair done?

signed, Literally Everyone Right Now


We here at Fox Den Salon take our responsibility as hair service providers seriously, and that includes the health of our guests.  We are following all local, state, and federal guidelines for sanitation, as well as recommended guidelines for preventing the transmission of this dangerous virus in our space and among our guests and staff.

Nothing is guaranteed to be safe during this pandemic, but we have been doing everything we can to reduce the risks in every way that we have control over in our environment.




Consent to COVID-19 mitigation efforts and strategies 

As a requirement for services, the salon will obtain consent from all stakeholders to complete the COVID-19 mitigation strategies instituted by the company, city, state, and national agencies via a presubmitted digital consultation form from the guest


Taking staff temperature and noting it for guest verification

We will be using a non-contact thermometer to determine the temperatures of all entrants to the space to ensure that they are in the appropriate range (less than 100.4 F) of health at the beginning of each day and noting the staff temperatures for the daily guests’ comfort at the front of the salon


Reporting to CDC for Contact Tracing as required for staff and clients

According to the CDC, “Contact tracing is part of the process of supporting patients with suspected or confirmed infection”, in which “public health staff work with a patient to help them recall everyone with whom they have had close contact during the timeframe while they may have been infectious” and “warn these exposed individuals (contacts) of their potential exposure as rapidly and sensitively as possible.”


Requiring an appointment and reserving and enforcing the right to refuse service to persons with risk factors that contribute to the spread of COVID-19

We will not be accepting walk in clients in the first phase of reopening to ensure that all clients are fully compliant with the procedures in place for services.  In addition to reserving spaces exclusively for scheduled guests, the salon reserves the right for the refusal of service if the guest has:
     – visible symptoms that are consistent with COVID-19
     – had contact with a confirmed  COVID-19 case
     – travel to an affected region in the past 14 days


Keeping social distancing practices when possible

The CDC recommends 6 ft of distance, however in providing services this would not be possible, so additional precautions will be taken to mitigate risk, including offsite appointment waiting for on-call appointments, limiting the number of people in the space, and not allowing guests in addition to those obtaining services in the space.


Limiting staff and guests to 1 person per 110 square feet of space

This is double the minimum requirement in Minnesota Administrative rule 2105.0360 subpart 1. A “There shall be at least 120 square feet of work space exclusive of any restroom,  reception, or supply area for a one-practitioner cosmetology salon, 110 square feet of work space for a one-practitioner esthetician salon, and 100 square feet of workspace for a one-practitioner nail salon” and B “There shall be at least 50 additional square feet of workspace for each additional licensee simultaneously on duty in a cosmetology salon or an esthetician salon, and at least 35 additional square feet of work space of each additional licensee simultaneously on duty in a nail salon”.


Maintain 50 square foot minimum working space

 This includes allowing for roughly 7×7 feet of space for each station, as required by Minnesota Administrative Rule 2105.0360 sub part 1. B  “There shall be at least 50 additional square feet of work space for each additional licensee simultaneously on duty in a cosmetology salon…”.


Mandatory 14-day leave of absence for staff experiencing COVID-19 Related symptoms, including both physical and mental health symptoms

The staff will take a 14-day leave of absence with paid sick time for their shifts, in line with the duration required for quarantine as recommended by the CDC.  We will also be mandating a 14-day leave of absence for those experiencing mental health issues related to COVID-19 to ensure standardized support to staff and reduce the risk of error in the application of mitigation strategies and services obtained.


Reducing hours in the salon for service providers and customer support

Our staff will be performing 6-hour shifts to reduce the risk of errors due to fatigue and allow for a reduced number of workers and customers in the space at one time.


Expanding open hours for service, closing to the public  to clean between staff change

We have expanded open hours to create 2 separate shifts for our staff and allow for an hour between shifts for 30 minutes before and after shifts to complete sanitation requirements put forth by the salon and the MN Board of Cosmetologist Examiners while minimizing the number of people in the space at one time, in addition to an enhanced COVID-19 sanitation schedule of sanitizing all high traffic surfaces every 30 minutes.


Mandatory face coverings while in the salon space

CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain, especially in areas of significant community-based transmission that: fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face,  are secured with ties or ear loops, include multiple layers of fabric, allow for breathing without restriction, and are able to be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape.  For those that wish to be serviced and are not exhibiting symptoms, but are without a mask, one will be provided for them for the duration of their visit.


Consistent handwashing between and during services

Consistent with MN Rule 2105.0375 Subpart 2, “You must wash your hands with soap and water, then dry them with a single-service paper or cloth towel or an air dryer before providing any service. You can use an alcohol-based hand rub (with a minimum of 60 percent alcohol) instead of hand washing only when your hands are free of lotions, ointments, products, or visible soil. Gloves and hand wipes cannot substitute hand washing.”


Increasing the availability of handwashing and cleaning stations for guests consistent with licensee requirements

2105.0375 Subpart 2 All licensees must thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water and dry them with a single-service paper or cloth towel or air dryer before providing any service to a client. An alcohol-based hand rub with a minimum of 60 percent alcohol may be used in lieu of handwashing only when the hands are free of lotions, ointments, products, or visible soil. Gloves and hand wipes are not an acceptable substitute for handwashing.


Clean all working stations with hospital grade disinfectant between clients

We will be disposing of all used implements safely and sanitizing all work stations in between each guest, in addition to observing the Mn Rule 2105.0360 Subpart 8. A. All furniture and fixtures in a work area must have a washable covering or finish and be clean and in good repair.” and B “Each work area must have a clean waste receptacle, emptied daily.”.


Clean all public-use surfaces and fixtures every 30 minutes on a verified schedule 

We have created a cleaning checklist for verification of completion of our enhanced cleaning schedule in addition to our standard practices outlined in MN Rule 2105.0375 Subpart 3: “You must clean any item or surface before it is disinfected. This means you must:
     1. Remove any visible debris and disposable parts.
     2. Wash the item or surface with soap and water or a cleaning agent.
     3. After washing, rinse the item thoroughly and dry it completely being disinfecting it. Surfaces
may be wiped with a cleaning agent before being disinfected.”


Floor kept clean and free of debris at all times

in accordance with MN Rule 2105.0360 Subpart 4 “All floors must be kept clean and free from hair, nails, skin, wax, liquids, and other debris at all times and be in good repair, free from crevices, cracks, holes, or tears which could collect dirt or debris.”


Single-use items on clients

As always, we will be observing the MN Laws and Rule 2105.0375, Subpart 6 A “Disinfected items must be stored in clean, closed containers, cupboards or drawers, or on a clean towel and covered with a clean cloth towel or clean drape, and must not come into contact with contaminated items or nondisinfected items”, D ” Items pulled out for service must not come into contact with contaminated surfaces.”, Subpart 6 F, “Immediately after each service, tools, implements, linens, and other nonelectrical items that have been removed from clean storage must be placed in covered and closed containers labeled “used” or immediately cleaned and disinfected or sterilized”, Subpart 7 A “Only cleaned, disinfected or sterilized, and properly stored tools and implements must be used on a client.”


Single-use capes and towels

As always, we will be observing the MN Laws and Rule 2105.0375 Subpart 8 “Each towel, robe, and linen used to cover or protect customers must be used only once and then be laundered with detergent and hot water in a washing machine, dried on hot, and immediately stored in a clean, covered container.”


Performing check-outs at service stations to prevent lines, and reducing cash transactions

We are currently utilizing electronic booking software to schedule appointments, pre-purchase retail for pickup at the time of the service, check out clients, book their next appointments, and ring their retail purchases while their services are finalizing to reduce time spent in the salon.  These measures, in addition to a reduced use of cash transactions in the space, these steps will reduce the risk for cross-contamination in the space, and increase social distancing objectives. 


Offering expedited services to reduce the exposure time for guests

Clients will be made aware of the ability of staff to expedite services when possible including pre-ordering retail, and forgoing hair washing and/or blow drying if possible, at the client’s request. The CDC hotline has made it clear that there are not yet definitive findings on the spread of the virus due to blow drying and the spread COVID-19, and the Fox Den Salon is leaving the decision of whether or not to dry to the discretion of the service providers and guests individually..


Our message to you:

We will continue to do everything possible to make services available, safe, and as comfortable as possible to our community at this time. We will update our policies to reflect any new guidelines to help stop the spread of disease and infection in our space.

Our service procedures and safety precautions have been enhanced, but even with the most intense precautions available, it is still advised that any person that is experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19 refrains from obtaining services or entering the premises at this time.

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For more information about the items we use to keep our space clean, our tools sanitized, and our practices safe, please enjoy these notes on the products we use

Spray surface cleaner:
Quick Clean Disinfectant Safety Data Sheets

Large area surface cleaner:
Disinfectant Cleaner

Our staff has obtained multiple Continuing Education certifications in sanitation: 

Single Use Tool Disinfectant:
Barbicide Safety Data Sheets

BARBICIDE® is known worldwide as the ultimate product for EPA registered disinfection in salons, barbershops and spas. The iconic blue liquid is trusted and effective earning its reputation for creating a safe and clean salon.

  • Proven effective against HIV-1, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Staphylococcus (including MRSA), Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Clostridium difficile (C.Diff), Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus (VRE), Herpes, Influenza (including H1N1), “Athletes Foot” (TineaPedis), Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (bacteria that causes Tuberculosis)
  • Complies with OSHA’s blood borne pathogens standard
  • Safe for metals, stainless steel, plastics, combs, brushes, and shears

Shear and Clipper Disinfectant:
Clippercide Safety Data Sheets

  • Disinfects – Complies with OSHA and state board rules. EPA-registered bactericide, fungicide and virucide. Kills HIV-1 and TB.
  • Lubricates blades – Clippercide leaves a thin film of lubricant that reduces friction and keeps blades sharp


  • Cleans – Aerosol spray blows hair, dust and particles from between clipper teeth
  • Cools – Aerosol spray cools blades on contact
  • Prevents rust – Anti-rust formula protects blades and prolongs clipper life

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