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Fox Den Salon is in love with your curls and wants you to love them too!


All February long we are helping you love your hair back with some added moisture this winter!



Well, this sale runs all February and features
20% off add on deep conditioners
20% off styling product
20% off curl shampoo + conditioner
20% off support tools for curls

Save on all of your faves from…

Amika :

At amika, “All hair is welcome”! With highly effective, clean formulas without sulfates (SLS, SLES, ALS), para-bens aluminum starch and over 1,300 questionable ingredients.  Amika is leaping bunny and vegan certified. Their products and ingredients never have, and never will be tested on animals.

Amika’s haircare packaging is 100% recyclable. beginning 2022, amika no longer produces bottles with 100% virgin plastic. we’ve re-worked all of our plastic bottles to use up to 90% post consumer recycled (PCR) plastics.


Aveda :

In keeping with Ayurvedic principles—and because of Aveda’s concern for the Earth—Aveda is committed to using organic ingredients. This has led to another Ayurvedic partnership—between Aveda and the Indian firm, Nisarga.

Nisarga—which means “nature” in Sanskrit—grows Ayurvedic herbs with organic agriculture. They have partnered with them to obtain organic turmeric and amla for use in some of our products including Invati™ Solutions for Thining Hair.

Nisarga employs an environmentally friendly extraction method using CO2, which leaves no toxic residues and works at a lower temperature—yielding highly potent extracts.

Because of the company’s concern about the dangers of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, Nisarga works to encourage farmers to convert to organic agriculture. They have held regular educational seminars for about 35,000 farmers over the years, convincing many to go organic. Nisarga pays the organic certification costs for the farmers they partner with and also provides educational support to help make the conversion successful.


Beauty + Sustainability, the inspirational concepts for each of Davines’s projects — from formulation to design, to ethics and customers.

They have rewritten our way of doing business, looking at business as a positive force capable of generating profit and at the same time creating a virtuous impact on people and the environment.

After the B Corporation certification obtained in 2016, the decided to align our objectives with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), defined in the UN Agenda 2030, projecting them into our corporate strategy. This gave them a goal for continuous improvement that is expressed in the activation of new projects, and in defining objectives and monitoring results that have been presented in our annual Sustainability Report.


At HiBar, they are super picky about the products we bring into our lives, which pretty much dictates what they put into everything they make.

It isn’t always easy, finding safe, quality, sustainable ingredients that also work. But that’s what the folks at HiBar think it will take to get more people to abandon plastic.

To spell it out, we mean no soaps, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, or parabens. And absolutely no cruelty… shipped in zero plastic for a sustainable, and healthy, future.


Award Winning Professional Products for Wavy, Curly, and Coily Hair. Designed by Texture Experts, expect unlimited style opportunities  with this versatile and always evolving brands. Mizani is Haircare Formulated With A Complete Balance of Moisture, Oil & Protein For All Textures. Discover Advanced Salon Haircare + Styling To Restore Hair To Ultimate Balance With their Line

PulpRiot :

Pulp Riot is a colour company created by a group of extremely talented hairdressers from Butterfly Loft Salon in California back in 2016. They started off with a semi-permanent colour range with 16 shades that propelled the brand into a must have product around the world for hairdressers… a GREAT place to come from for a product company! They have a wide range of sulfate and paraben free vegan products for all hair types and needs.


love your curls

We love the idea of helping you with 20% off all curl support, but the BEST support we can give you is KNOWLEDGE!

Set up a complimentary consultation with any of our providers to learn more about what product regimen might work best for you here!


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