4 Self-Care Tips 

Right now, your regular beauty routine might be a little different. But even without your regular trips to the salon, you should set aside dedicated time for self-care. Even though it might feel a little difficult right now, maintaining your regular self-care routine will help you feel more relaxed and less stressed. Here are 4 self-care tips to take care of yourself while you’re at home:

1.Take a Deep Breath

First of all, take a deep breath in, and out. Allow your body to enrich your cells with oxygen and decrease stress on your skin. Keep it up, and you’ll be glowing!

2. Get Your Beauty Sleep

Instead of forcing yourself to be hyper-productive right now, be gentle with yourself. Take the extra time to relax, rest, and get some extra beauty sleep, your skin will thank you later. If you’re having trouble sleeping take a bubble bath with lavender and invest in a silk pillowcase to keep your hair and face clean and protected during the night.

3. Find Your Favorite Face or Hair Mask

More time at home means more time to dedicate to your skin and hair. With all this dry weather, it’s important to keep your skin and hair hydrated with masks once or twice a week. Take a break from heat styling so your hair doesn’t dry out as quickly and try a hair serum to restore and hydrate your locks.

4. Listen to Your Favorite Song

Real beauty is authentic and owning your uniqueness, so do something that makes you happy every day. Listen to your favorite song, you know the one, the one that you can’t help dancing to that leaves you glowing.

We Can’t Wait to See You Soon!

Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so be patient and graceful with yourself. Let’s stay strong together and use this time for self-care. Fox Den Salon is taking numerous steps to responsibly reopen its salons and ensure that every guest is safe during their visit. All guests and stylists must wear face coverings during every service. Schedule an appointment here:



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