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why sustainability is important

the mission

Fox Den Salon is committed to resource consciousness in our space and beyond, by focusing on a mission of ecological responsibility and long-term sustainability for ourselves and our world.


multi-faceted approach

There are many ways to help protect the future of the planet and make continual steps for positive environmental change. We encourage you to vote with your dollar and support companies that align with your values.  We dig into business practices of the companies we partner with to discover if they prioritize sustainability through their use of renewable energy, recyclable packaging or responsibly-sourced ingredients.

      • When we partner with professional quality brands, we prioritize:

• cruelty free and vegan products

• sustainable and responsible ingredient sourcing

• responsible packaging

• renewable energy usage

• carbon usage offsets

• water conservation

• education efforts and value communication

consciousness means reduction of…

looking for a “green” salon experience

Our brand partnerships

Our Salon Company works towards creating an understanding and emphasis on protecting the natural world and being more socially responsible, both in the actions we take in the salon and the lines that we partner with for our guests

Our team of stylists have a huge passion for creating positive experiences for our guests without compromising our values and focus on sustainability 

Fox Den Salon’s focus extends from the products we chose, to the actions we take within the salon.  From water purification and use-reduction practices, to relying solely on wind-power for our energy needs, we also participate in a partnership with Green Circle Salons.

what is a green circle salon partner?

Through Green Circle Salons partnership, we are able to contribute a Zero Waste to Landfills, certified through the Carbon Trust Standard. Zero waste to landfill means that no non-hazardous waste is sent to the landfill or for incineration without energy recovery. This is important because waste is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and global resource depletion.
To learn more about the Carbon Trust, visit their website.

To responsibly recycle and reclaim salon waste, Green Circle Salons partners with over 40 like-minded companies across North America. These includes recycling facilities, chemical waste facilities, clean energy producers, bio-composite plastic producers and more. They have thoroughly investigated all of our partners to ensure all the touchpoints of the waste journey are sustainably managed. Their commitment to performance, accountability, and transparency has earned them a B Corporation Certification.

brands we feature

Their packaging

Aveda is proud to have been the first beauty company using 100% post consumer recycled PET.  Now more than 85% of our skin care and hair styling PET bottles and jars contain 100% post consumer recycled materials.

With every package they develop, they’re mindful of their environmental footprint and work to minimize our packaging and maximize their usage of recyclable and post consumer recycled materials.

guiding principles at aveda

• consider the life cycle analysis when developing packaging options
• reduce the size, weight and production processes of packaging wherever possible
• offer packaging that can be recycled whenever possible
• use the most environmentally sound materials and as much post-consumer recycled (PCR) content as commercially possible without affecting the efficacy of the product.
• use renewable energy to manufacture and fill our packaging in Blaine
• challenge our packaging partners to meet the same standards

Their shipping

Aveda has teamed up with Cloverly to estimate carbon emissions from shipping orders. This calculator is an effort to be more transparent and to provide customers with an understanding of their home delivery impact. This is just one more way Aveda strives to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibilty. 

Cloverly’s calculations factor in the total shipment weight, anticipated delivery method and shipping zip code. Read more about Cloverly’s methodology here.

Recycling initiatives

 In 2008, Aveda pioneered the first ever rigid plastic caps recycling program in the United States to raise awareness to the alarming amounts of plastics polluting our planet. This program inspired vast numbers of people to collect caps, and together they prevented approximately 145 million caps from entering our waterways, oceans and landfills. The program also helped support positive change in the industry with many municipalities across the U.S. now accepting caps-on recycling.  In 2015, they ended their caps collection to support the caps-on movement and to advocate for its adoption everywhere. 

first prestige beauty company to combine pcr + bioplastic in a tube

Aveda uses 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) material as much as theycan.* When that isn’t possible, they’ve worked to combine PCR with bioplastic!

The bioplastic Aveda uses is a biopolyethylene derived primarily** from sugarcane. Bagasse is the fibrous byproduct that remains after sugarcane stalks are crushed for sugar production. The bagasse is used as fuel for the production of ethanol, a main ingredient used to produce polyethylene. Sugarcane is a quickly renewable, and thus sustainable, resource. Bioplastic may be recycled†, although the recycling of tubes is limited, so please contact your local recycling program.

*More than 85% of Aveda’s skin care and hair styling PET bottles and jars contain 100% post-consumer recycled materials.
**Bioplastic is 96% plant derived and 4% petrochemical.
† Because bioplastic is chemically identical to ordinary polyethylene (HDPE or LDPE), it can also be recycled in the same manner as these plastics.


Their mission

Davines recognized more than 20 years ago that beauty and sustainability go hand-in-hand, which is why our tagline is “Beauty + Sustainability.” We operate our business understanding that beauty means taking care not only of yourself, but of your world and what you love as well. For that reason, sustainability inspires all of our policies and projects, including product formulation and design, company ethics, and salon education. And we interpret it in a number of ways: it prioritizes a positive impact on the environment, doesn’t compromise the quality or quantity of natural ingredients, lends itself to intuition and creation, and ensures transparency. 

biodiverse beauty

Help be a part of rescuing plant species that are at risk of extinction: every Essential Haircare family contains a unique active ingredient from an Italian Slow Food Presidium.

In 2017, the Quercetano Olive Presidium was established to promote a variety typical of an area that nestles between the provinces of Lucca and Massa Carrara.
Davines continues its commitment in partnership with The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity.

With this initiative, Davines intends to help prevent the disappearance of this threatened heritage of genetic varieties that is essential to life on our planet.
Davines and Slow Food
Davines has worked with Fondazione Slow Food per la Biodiversità Onlus [Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity] since 2014, by supporting its Slow Food Presidia, projects that involve producers from all over the world in order to protect traditional local farming practices that risk extinction, promote specific territories and rekindle historical professions and processing techniques.  The Essential Haircareline is formulated using active ingredients from nine Italian Slow Food Presidia, including the Salina caper, Paceco Cartucciaru melon, Torre Guaceto Fiaschetto tomato and Noto almond. 

energy conservation

One overarching way Davines stays sustainable is with their commitment to renewable energy and their offsetting of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions (CO2e). Considering that the world’s energy consumption is expected to grow 40% over the next two decades—far surpassing the earth’s capacity to renew them—a cleaner alternative is vital. Plus, emissions come with carbon energy consumption, which pollute the air and impact our collective health on a regular basis. For that reason, Davines has used renewable electric energy from natural sources (such as sun, water, wind, and soil) to supply our plants and offices since 2006. 

their packaging

1. The packaging is designed considering the goal to abandon the use of virgin materials coming from fossil fuel, and to ensure their recycling at the end of life.
2. While it’s necessary to contain, preserve and protect the product, it must also have a minimal impact on the environment.
3. Davines aims to use the bare minimum quantity of material necessary to maintain the correct functionality of the packaging.
4. Davines prioritizes the use of only primary packaging to avoid further external packaging, but if necessary, we choose either recycled and recyclable or compostable options.
5. Davines works to choose mono-material packaging that is easily separable for collection and recycling.
6. Working with packaging suppliers we require only high quality solutions to reduce waste.

commitment to clean

Did you know that 80% of the 35 million tons of plastic the US produces each year ends up in landfills or oceans? We don’t know about you, but a stat like this just doesn’t sit right with us.
Amika products were kind and clean before it was a thing.

Cruelty-free, clean haircare formulations in recyclable packaging have guided their product innovations since the beginning.

What it means to be truly sustainable has evolved with new technologies, and they made a pledge to take steps in reducing our impact on the environment. Amika’s long term vision is to eventually have fully closed-loop production of their packaging.
Until then, they’re working hard to go cleaner and greener, switching over towards using 90% post-consumer recycled plastics in their bottles, reducing our virgin plastic production.

water usage

Taking a look at their fill production process in 2021, Amika pledged to reduce and reuse water in their supply chain. They’ve already started to take measures in the warehouse and offices to reduce water, like installing low flow toilets. Additionally, Amika pledges to help offset Water Trust Mill Creek. Mill Creek is a major wetland habitat for migratory birds and salmon in Northern California. As it regularly goes dry during summer months, they are helping The Nature Conservancy restore and protect in stream flows.


reducing use of virgin plastic

Beginning 2022, Amika no longer produces bottles with 100% virgin plastic. They’ve re-worked all of their plastic bottles to use up to 90% post consumer recycled (PCR) plastics.

The beauty of PCR plastics, is that it saves up to 65% of the energy it takes to source and produce virgin plastic. This means we’re cutting out a whole chunk of the supply chain, which in turn, saves a whole lot of energy in resources (yay!).
When companies use PCR plastics, they don’t have to mine for fossil fuels (which are commonly used to make plastic). Additionally, this means we don’t have to refine the fossil fuels to turn them into plastic (which, you guessed it, costs a ton of energy), only to then melt it down again to create a bottle.

Instead, with PCR plastic, they melt down plastic that’s already in the supply chain and use it again!
PCR plastics are great for a plethora of reasons, in addition to saving energy. PCR helps to create a closed loop, or circular economy which is when you continuously reuse the materials in a supply chain over and over again. in theory, this creates a circle, hence circular economy.


TerraCycle® is a social enterprise dedicated to Eliminating the Idea of Waste® that specializes in recycling the un-recyclable. Ever look at a product and think, “Can this be recycled…?” Well, TerraCycle® removes that worry and recycles your empties into something new. TerraCycle® receives the packaging and holds onto it for us. Once we collect a significant amount, it’s 100% recycled and given a new purpose. What’s its new purpose? Anything we can think of that’s made out of plastic!
as a friend to the planet, it’s our job to take action. by reducing our emissions to zero where we can and offsetting them where we cannot, we’re pledging to reach Net Zero by 2030.


sustainably sourced sea buckthorn

Amika products are already filled with super stuff only, so they’re taking it one step further. to make the most initial impact, we started with sea buckthorn, their signature ingredient (which is in every product). To source sea buckthorn, Amika is proudly working with a certified organic, fair trade farm located in the Tibetan Plateau that promotes more sustainable harvesting and offers environmental protection measures. This ensures that every drop is as pure and powerful as possible, while helping to protect and restore the environment and the local community.


decreasing + offsetting 
our energy usage

Amika is actively striving to reduce energy usage through our warehouse systems + production processes. In addition to taking necessary energy efficiency measures like installing solar panels covering the roof of their warehouse, they have also installed an improved (and energy saving!) HVAC system.

To offset our energy usage, they have partnered with CE bright futures, an education program that helps communities build a clean energy plan.


reducing waste through recycling

In order to decrease our plastic footprint, Amika partnered with TerraCycle® to ensure all of their packaging gets recycled + that your empties are given a new purpose.

fun fact: amika products are mostly turned into outdoor composite lumber based products like playgrounds + community garden beds!

learn more here!

ingredient minded

Hibar knows we are all super picky about the products we bring into our lives, which pretty much dictates what they put into everything we make.
It isn’t always easy, finding safe, quality, sustainable ingredients that also work. But that’s what HiBar thinks it will take to get more people to abandon plastic.
To spell it out: that mean no soaps, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, or parabens… and absolutely no cruelty.

plastic-free, the way to be

The packaging is plastic-free, of course, and either compostable or easily recyclable or both.
Even the shipping packaging is 100% plastic-free. (So, no bubble wrap, and no plastic tape either!)
And they’ll keep looking for ways to cut back on even that. After all, HiBar’s whole reason for existing is to use as little as possible, while still providing a salon-quality product.

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