Join us in this TOTALLY innovative show featuring collaborations between talented local designers and top of their game creative hair stylists in this one-of-a-kind show!

We are bringing some of Minnesota’s favorite designers together with some of our city’s TOP hair stylists to have a one-of-a-kind show that puts our creativity and collaboration to the test!

Designs from:
Via’s Vintage (
Jennifer Beaupre (
Danielle Everine (
Samantha Rei (

Hair by:
MN NAF Salon (
Curl Power Salon (
Fox Den Salon: Hennepin and Fox Den Salon: Lyndale (

music brought to us by: FNK

Hosted by: Sweetpea

with judging by the amazing queens of Queerdo Mpls:
Trisha Spectacle, The Other Jeannie Retelle and Sissy Tops!

Join us for this friendly competition to see which team gets awarded “THE BEST EVER FASHION WEEK DESIGNER AND HAIR TEAM AT THIS MOMENT IN THIS ROOM BASED ON THIS ARBITRARY CONTEST™ 2019”, as well as an ON THE FLY competition and vote to see who wins the “FLAGRANT AUDIENCE FAVORITE” award!