We know that many of you are itching to get back in our chairs, and this is how to do it! While we build our strategy around what *providing services* might look like when we reopen (with countless additional safety and sanitation measures), we are ready to roll out our FIRST STEP, and that’s by YOU getting YOUR INFORMATION logged!

Due to the high demand and volume of inquiries, requesting an appointment via this form is not a guarantee for the service/time/provider selected, BUT the information will be used privately to create our database and feeding our system for scheduling Fox Den Salon: Lake Street appointments in the immediate future.

The process of getting all of the books set up once again for reopening, SAFELY, will take time.

While the government has tentatively issued us a start date of May 5, we know that there are so many variables and that date may be pushed out further. We appreciate your generous spirit of patience, understanding, and support while we work to make future services available in a safe and appropriate manner as things progress.

Please fill out your form (one per person) at your earliest convenience at:

and while we await our upcoming reopening…

Our online store is open! Get your orders in before Noon SUNDAY MAY 3  for our next time for no contact pick up or drop off is from 3-5pm!

if you are unavailable that date, we will hold your order for your next appointment, or a scheduled pick up during the salon’s open hours!

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We know our friends love some good merch, so our staff worked up some cool new art and brought out some old favorites so that you can look real cool (even if you don’t leave the house).

The store’s got everything from tees and sweatshirts to stickers, notebooks, and bags, so be sure to check out the collections!

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Some of us don’t need more stuff (ok, we’re not totally sure who those people are, but we’ve heard they exist)… and for those people, we give you: GIFT CARDS!

Support your local salon by grabbing yourself and a friend some gift cards so that you’ve got an excuse to drop in once the salons are reopened! Experiences (and the dreams of future ones) are great gifts, even just to yourself!


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Not in a position to drop some dollars but still want to help the salon out during these difficult times?
Spend a few minutes to write us a review on


to help us fill our chairs with quality people that get our vibe (you know, when we can fill our chairs later on).  Also, there’s totally no rules about using the same review on multiple spots, so do like Sica did all through 10th Grade Honors English and COPY & PASTE