Hair has been this gal’s passion for her whole life, and for over 4 years she’s been able to live that dream as a stylist in the Twin Cities! If it was required that all stylists needed a 90’s rap lyric as a tag line, hers would easily be “if you’ve got a problem, yo, I’ll solve it” as immortalized by the iconic hairstyled, Ninja Turtle homie, Vanilla Ice.  Getting away from Vanilla Ice, because let’s be real, we’d be here all day, Reggei’s craft is what keeps her moving, and being on a team that can help her bring all that crazy hair wisdom she’s sitting on is pretty much the tops.

She’s got a wicked fade locked and loaded to tailor to your exact specifications, and can give you an angled bob that will grow out in a way that will make you double check if you even need to trim it because it’s still laying *just right*, or taming textures to bend to her will like an Edwardian (scissor hands, obvs) sculpture… and color? Forget about it Reggie really shines on the big projects, color corrections, complete hair color makeovers, and taking blondes from bummer brassy to platinum classy are totally where it’s at, and of course a little high light and root touch is always applied with the same precision and thought of an expert hair-doctor.


$45 adults
$20 children
$10 head shaves


$45+ blowout
$30+ casual style (no pins)
$70+ updo
$200+ full bridal


$55 10-pack of foils
$95+ partial foil
$110+ full foil
$100+ all over application or retouch
$120+ balayage or ombre application
$120+ bleach and color or tone
$250+ corrective color


$45 moisturizing treatment​
$100-$120 chemical texturizing
complimentary consultations
$80/hr dread lock maintenence
$80/hr extension installation
(extensions require consultation and list price not include the cost of hair)


FOX DEN SALON: HENNEPIN | 2727 Hennepin Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408
FOX DEN SALON: LAKE STREET |  1221 W Lake, Minneapolis, MN 55408

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