Marni found her passion for doing hair by realizing she wanted to help anyone she could feel as confident in their own body as possible. Once DIY dorm room cuts and colored weren’t enough she went on to study at the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis, graduating in early 2017. Her quest for knowledge didn’t stop there, she completed an apprenticeship at a local salon, and assisted a small magazine. Her love for facts became more than just hair, and turned into a love for any tid bit of random information. “Did you know they’ve found giant squids in the ocean up to 59ft?!” Whether you are shy and prefer a good book as your conversation or are about to spill the tea Marni makes it her goal to make you as comfortable as possible during your hair journey. She will take on any challenge from transformative colors to detailed cuts and believes in a thorough consultation to make your dream hair a reality.



47 Adults
10 Head shaves


42+ Blowout
47+ Casual style (no pins)


77+ all over application or retouch
140+ balayage or ombre application
170+ bleach and tone
170+ bleach and color

 corrective color available by consultation


45 moisturizing treatment​
25 treatment with service

FOX DEN SALON: LAKE STREET |  1221 W Lake, Minneapolis, MN 55408