plans to become a stylist here at Fox Den Salon!


Growing up with  music and theatre as her hobby, Madeline learned to love the art of stage makeup and hair. She found authenticity in transforming and expressing herself in a way that spoke for, and represented who she is. That sparked a passion for helping others find and express themselves through the art of hair and makeup. A lover of a good crisp bleach and tone, or a funky color and cut to transform and enhance features you adore, she strives to make people feel seen, heard, and uniquely expressed in their own beautiful way! 




$39 adults
$12 head shaves



$45 moisturizing treatment​
$25 with service


$47 ten pack of highlights
$102+ all over highlights
$160+ lightener and fashion color

$77+ partial foil
$97+ foil
$67+ all over or retouch
$125+ balayage or ombre a
$155+ lightener and color or tone Corrective color starting at $80/hr+ available by consultation

FOX DEN SALON: LAKE STREET |  1221 W Lake, Minneapolis, MN 55408