Minneapolis born and raised, Ari (she/her) is an Uptown Girl through and through!

Ari’s love for hair began in high school at the age of 15 during her emo phase when she, as an emo tradition, started coloring her hair herself. Soon after, Ari’s friends asked that she start coloring their own hair as well. From here, her talent and passion for bright, vivid fantasy colors took hold. Ari graduated from Regency Beauty Institute in 2010 and joined the Fox Den Salon in January of 2021.

Ari’s favorite hair projects are vivids and you will see that in her work, feel free to check out her instagram to see all the amazing color projects she’s done. @arixthexhairxslayer 

Outside of the salon she loves spending time with her boyfriend and 2 cats, going to concerts, beach days, adventuring, crafting and enjoying time with close friends. Ari loves that she gets to come to a job where she gets to hang out with friends and enjoy the time she shares with her amazing clients. Her enthusiasm for both hair care and quality service drive her to offer the very best to her clients.


$54 adults

$54 blowout

$64 luxury blowout

$49 thermal style

$24 refades

$12 head shaves

$18 bang trims

$20 waxing


$32+ blowout
$42+ c@asual style (no pins)


$32+ blowout
$42+ c@asual style (no pins)

    COLOR &


    inclusive color services

    min|mid|max areas


    $45 moisturizing treatment​
    $25 with service

    87+ | 127+ | 169+  one step color

    169+ | 251+ | 332+  two step color

    196+ | 291+ | 387+  blonding, simple vivids, hand painted color

    101+/hr | 148+/hr | 196+/hr  session coloring services

    (complementary consultations available)



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    FOX DEN SALON: LAKE STREET |  1221 W Lake, Minneapolis, MN 55408


    $37 adults
    $19 children
    $10 head shaves


    $32+ blowout
    $42+ casual style (no pins)


    DM her @hopedoesyourhair to be a hair color model at a discounted rate! 2+ 10-packof foils

    $77+ partial foil
    $97+ foil
    $67+ all over or retouch
    $125+ balayage or ombre a
    $155+ lightener and color or tone Corrective color starting at $80/hr+ available by consultation


    $45 moisturizing treatment​
    $25 with service

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