plans to become a stylist here at Fox Den Salon!

Amber’s love for hair started in middle school, watching a lot of “scene queens” and other emo kids on YouTube doing their hair and makeup. In high school she started coloring her own hair as a way to express herself, immediately getting her friends on board to do their hair as well.

Vivid colors are definitely her favorite service, as she is a firm believer that everyone could do with more rainbows in their hair.

Graduating cosmetology school November 2021, Amber is so happy to have found a salon home in Fox Den Salon so quickly (and among so many other like-minded stylists!) to work together help others express themselves through their hair.



$39 adults
$12 head shaves



$45 moisturizing treatment​
$25 with service


$160+ partial perm
$190+ standard perm


$47 ten pack of highlights
$102+ all over highlights
$160+ lightener and fashion color

$77+ partial foil
$97+ foil
$67+ all over or retouch
$125+ balayage or ombre a
$155+ lightener and color or tone 
Corrective color starting at $80/hr+ available by consultation


$32+ blowout
$42+ casual style (no pins)


$45 moisturizing treatment​
$25 with service

FOX DEN SALON: LAKE STREET |  1221 W Lake, Minneapolis, MN 55408

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